Academic Strategies


We have provided educational support for college students in the form of subject-specific tutoring, academic coaching, mentoring and advising since 1989

Services begin the first week of each term and continue through finals week.

Students generally meet with tutors twice per week and with the Director, Beth O’Halloran, for academic coaching, mentoring and advising, once per week.

The combination of full term direct-content tutoring, combined with executive function skill development, provides the strongest foundation for each student’s performance.

While we work within a generalized framework, all students are unique and therefore approaches and strategies are highly individualized.

The Learning Center can help any student in need of:

  •  one-on-one college level instruction
  •  academic coaching, mentoring and advising
  •  direct-content tutoring
  •  executive function skill development
    •  time management
    •  organization
    •  prioritization
    •  confidence