Academic Coaching, Mentoring and Advisingone-on-one tutoring with degreed professionalsimprove time management and organization

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Academic Coaching, Mentoring and Advising

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one-on-one tutoring with degreed professionals

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We have provided educational support for college students in the form of subject-specific tutoring, academic coaching, mentoring…

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We offer services to students attending the University of Oregon and Lane Community College, specializing  Read More >



Director – Beth O’Halloran

B.S. Biology Virginia Tech

Blacksburg, VA

M.A.T. Special Education

Pacific University

Eugene/Forest Grove OR Read More >



1483 Oak St. Eugene, Or 97401

The Learning Center is conveniently situated just a few short blocks from campus….

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Our son recently graduated from U of O and the tutoring he received from the Learning Center was excellent! We have used this tutoring center for two years and they really helped our son not only in tutoring but went above and beyond and helped him register for classes. We are indebted to all the tutors and owners of this facility. We would highly recommend this business to any student/ parent. Being 9 hours away this gave us peace of mind to know that he was in good hands.

-Thank you Learning Center!

The Learning Center (LC) has provided me incredible academic support throughout my college career. The LC tutors were able to address and help me with every course I took at U of O. In addition, they not only helped me with the material but helped me with strategies for management and prioritization. No matter my concerns, I always felt comfortable asking for help. The LC provides its students a very relaxed non-judgmental environment, a supportive and fun community, and a model for success. Beth is nothing but supportive and creative and does whatever she can to help you excel in ALL parts of your college experience. I am so grateful to have worked with the tutors and advisers at the LC. I am more confident with my professional goals than ever before!

- Jessi B.

-Off to graduate school!

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At The Learning Center we only work with a small group of students each term, so please email or call today to inquire about course and subject availability.

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